Ironically, my own mother has virtually no tolerance for spicy food. She loves canning her delicious salsa and shares it with family and friends, but the jalapeño tastes like it was barely within earshot when the batch was simmering on the stove. This sauce is a tribute to Mom. All of the best flavors from HotBox Gourmet Hot Sauce are there, but only mild peppers are used. It’s a warm, familial embrace in a bottle perfect for any occasion. 

***Label design by my 11-year-old daughter, Addison.



There are some really crazy people out there who didn’t think HotBox Gourmet Hot Sauce was quite spicy enough. For those looking to incinerate themselves, Demon Sauce uses the same great ingredients as HotBox, but some diabolical peppers were sourced to rain hellfire on the spice masochists among us.